Mokslinis žurnalas OMEE įtrauktas į SCOPUS duomenų bazę

OMEE apkirptaVilniaus universiteto Ekonomikos fakulteto leidžiamas mokslinis žurnalas "Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies" įtrauktas į didžiausią tarptautinę mokslinių publikacijų bazę SCOPUS. SCOPUS indeksavimo sistema itin reikli ir griežta, todėl žurnalo įtraukimas į šią bazę rodo itin aukštą leidinio kokybę. Leidinyje publikuojamiems straipsniams tai suteiks papildomos vertės. Daugiau informacijos apie leidinį bei informacija autoriams


Pirmieji mokslinio žurnalo "Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies" redkolegijos narių atsiliepimai apie leidinio patekimą į mokslinių publikacijų bazę SCOPUS:


Designation as a SCOPUS-quality journal is a major accomplishment for Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies.  This accomplishment was attained in a relatively short period of time and speaks highly of the journal’s international impact and its academic integrity.  It is an honour to serve on the OMEE editorial board and to also be a contributing author, and the inclusion into SCOPUS validates my decision to engage actively with OMEE.

Victoria L. Crittenden, D.B.A.

Professor & Chair, Marketing Division, Babson College, USA

Congratulations! The inclusion of OMEE in the SCOPUS database is very timely. I have been waiting for this new development as I knew the quality of the articles, published in the journal is of high standards. Being a member in the Editorial Board of the journal as early as its inception, and as a regular article contributor, I believe its inclusion into this international indexing system will bring the journal into even greater height.

Professor Dr. Maimunah Ismail

Department of Professional Development & Continuing Education, Faculty of Educational Studies, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

Congratulations to OMEE for achieving the milestone of being on the SCOPUS list.  This list serves as a marker of independent quality that is important for new journals to justify.  It should also increase readership of OMEE.

Dr. Gregory Brock

Professor of Economics, Dept. of Finance and Economics, Georgia Southern University, USA

Inclusion of Organizations and Markets in Emerging Economies Journal in Scopus is a testament to its global recognition, academic rigor, and diversity in its scope and contents in the context of emerging markets.

Dr. Satyendra SINGH

Professor, Marketing and International Business, University of Winnipeg, Canada