Erasmus internships

What is ERASMUS internship?

ERASMUS internship is a period of professional experience in an organization abroad that aims to:

  • Develop Professional skills;
  • Obtain international work experience;
  • Extend the knowledge about the culture of foreign country where internship takes place.

The internship can last from 2 to 12 months per study cycle (bachelor, master or doctoral) The most usual lenght of internship is 3 months.  

IMPORTANT! Erasmus internship funding covers not more than 12 months of mobility in total.

Where to apply for ERASMUS internship?

You can apply to any company or organization in public or private sector, regardless of the formal status or economic sector, including the social sphere, non-profit organizations and Lithuanian diplomatic missions. Following countries are available: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, FYR Macedonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Kingdom.

You CANNOT apply to following organizations:

Links for finding placement abroad:

What is important to know while choosing the receiving organization?

  • Is there a possibility to prepare internship learning programme that corresponds with the requirements of your study programme?
  • Is there a possibility to have an internship supervisor who can help prepare internship work programme and coordinate its implementation within the receiving organization?
  • Is your knowledge of foreign language good enough to communicate while performing your internship programme tasks?
  • Does the receiving institution assist in finding the place to live during the internship period?
  • Does the receiving institution provide additional funding to cover living expenses (rent, transportation, etc.)?

Application process step by step

  1. Confirm the dates of your internship with the study coordinator at your faculty.
  2. Ask for confirmation letter from the receiving organization that confirms your acceptance for the international internship.              
  3. Complete the student application form for ERASMUS internship.    
  4. Provide following documents: application form, confirmation letter from the receiving organization and the transcript of records (you can get it at your faculty coordinator) to Vice-dean of International Relations of Faculty of Economics prof. dr. Aida Macerinskiene (room 718) .
  5. IMPORTANT! The application form should be provided to the coordinator no later than 2 months before your internship starts. It is 31st of December for compulsory internship for Bachelor students (8th semester).

Evaluation criteria of Erasmus mobility grant application 

Decision making committee formed by the Dean‘s order. Following criteria are evaluated:

  • The compliance of your internship tasks with the requirements of your study programme.
  • Your motivation for the internship abroad
  • The average of all of your study semester grades. The person cannot have any academic and financial debts applying for Erasmus mobility grant. 
  • Your mobility records - priority is given to students, who has not yet had an internship abroad.

Internship mobility grant

ERASMUS internship mobility grant is the grant provided by the European Commission and the Republic of Lithuania that aims to fund student internship in business and other organizations abroad. Grant is provided to cover travel, insurance, living and other expenses.






Grant for study



 Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, UK, Liechtenstein, Norway,




Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Spain, Croatia, Cyprus, Luxembourg,

the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Iceland, Turkey



Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Macedonia





Documents for ERASMUS mobility grant:

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If you have further questions please contact:

Career and consultation center
Sauletekio al. 9, building III, room 104.
Phone: (8 5)  219 3144